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A Directory of Western Authors 

Acres, Natalie -  Western Ménage Romance

Adams, Jewel -  Spicy, Romantic, Time Travel Westerns

Allen, James - Traditional Westerns

Anderson, Max Elliot - Young Readers Westerns

Armstrong, Fran  - Non-fiction Westerns

Baker, Madeline w/a Amanda Ashley - Historical & Contemporary Western Romance

Benton, Gary aka W. R. Benton - Traditional Westerns and Non-fiction

Bishop, D.J. - Traditional Westerns

Blaine, Destiny - Spicy Westerns

Bly, Stephen - Traditional Westerns

Bochmann, Joan - Contemporary Westerns

Boulds, Tammy - Historical Western Fiction

Brand, Max - Traditional Westerns

Brandvold, Peter aka Frank Leslie - Traditional and Historical Western Fiction

Britton, Vickie and Loretta Jackson - Western Suspense

Brooks, Bill  - Traditional and Historical Westerns

Brown, J. P. S. - Traditional, Suspense and Inspirational Westerns

Burns, Terry - Inspirational Westerns

Butler, Elizabeth  - Contemporary Westerns

Caldwell, C.R. - Western Anthology; also Non-fiction

Chandler, Sean - Traditional Westerns

Chapman, Keith w/a Chap O'Keefe - Traditional Western and Western Suspense

Chapman, Muncy - Historical Western Fiction

Cheatham, K. Follis  - Western Suspense

Clifton, Cheri Kay - Western Historical Romance

Cobb,Thomas - Western Historical Fiction

Collins, Deborah aka Emily Richardson - Inspirational Westerns

Crump, Marc - Traditional Western

Darlin, Wendi - Spicy Contemporary Westerns

Drewry, Laura - Western Historical Romances

Duncklee, John  - Westerns: Non-fiction, Traditional, and Young Readers

Dunham, Bob - Western Poetry

Foster, Ray - Traditional Westerns
       w/a Ryker Frost
       w/a Jack Giles

Gott, Patricia Probert - Contemporary Westerns 

Griffin, James J.  - Traditional Westerns

Hall, Monica and Betty - Non-fiction Westerns

Hayslip, F. Lee - Traditional Westerns and Non-Fiction

Henry, Jean - Historical Western Fiction and Non-fiction

Hill, Janet Muirhead - Contemporary Westerns

Hinger, Charlotte - Historical Western Fiction

Holt, A. H. - Traditional Westerns

Hopkins, Howard w/a Lance Howard - Traditional Westerns and Western Suspense

Immelman, Colin - Historical Western Fiction

Ingram, Juanita Holbrook - Historical Westerns

Jackson, Loretta and Vickie Britton - Western Suspense

James, Rye - Traditional Westerns

Jenner, Gail - Historical Western Fiction and Non-fiction

Johnson, J.W. - Traditional Westerns

Kearby, Mike - Historical Westerns

Kimball, Allan - Traditional Westerns and Non-Fiction

King, Vicki  - Historical Romance

Lampman, Carolyn - Historical Western Romance

Leslie, Frank aka Peter Brandvold - Traditional and Historical Western Fiction

Lewis, Chuck - Traditional Westerns

Lopez, Kermit - Traditional Westerns

Lyons, Missy - Spicy Westerns

Maine, Priscilla - Historical Western Romance

March, Tatiana - Historical Western Romance

Matthews, Devon - Western Historical romance

Mayo, Matthew - Traditional Western fiction

McCaffrey , Kristy - Historical Western Romance

McMillin, James - Western Historical Fiction

Mellon, Mark - Historical Fiction 

Mihaljevich, Karen - Historical Western Romance

Mills, Janet - Historical Western Romance

Milne, Russell J., Jr. - Non-fiction Western

Moore, Shawna - Spicy Romance Westerns

More, Clay - Traditional Westerns

More, Rosalie - Historical Western Fiction and Western Suspense

Moss, A. K. - Western Poetry

Munn, Vella - Historical Western Fiction

Nichols, Weta - Contemporary and Historical Western Romances

Nipper, Pat Decker - 

O'Keefe, Chap - Traditional Westerns and Western Suspense

Owens, Florin - Traditional Westerns

Parker, Judith R. - Historical Western Fiction

Parnham, Ian - Traditional Westerns

Primm, J. R. - Traditional Westerns

Richards, Dusty - Traditional Westerns

Richardson, Emily aka Collins, Deborah - Inspirational Westerns

Robinson, Kim - Historical Western Fiction

Robinson, Lauri - Historical Western Fiction

Roker, Scott - Historical Western Fiction

Rought, A.E. - Contemporary Western Romance

Shay, Susan - Contemporary Western

Sanders, L. T.  - Historical Western Fiction 

Scott, Randall - Traditional and Non-fiction Westerns

Sherwood, Jura - Time Travel Westerns

Silva, Lee  - Non-fiction Westerns

Snodgrass, Jerry - Historical Westerns 

Snyder, Annette - Historical Western Romances

Steel, Charlie - Traditional Westerns

Thorsheim, Kevin - Traditional Western Anthology

Walker, Woodrow W. - Traditional Westerns

Welton, Will - Traditional Westerns 

West, Charles G. - Traditional Westerns

Wilhite, George - Contemporary Westerns  

Wille, Sherry - Historical Western Romances and Time Travel

Williamson, Beth -  Spicy, Romantic, Western Romance

Yacht, Dick Vander - Western

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